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Are you looking for a reliable Kojic soap review? Let this Kojic soap review enlighten you on whether or not Kojic soap is the best lightening agent for the kind of skin you have. Kojic soap for starters is quite strong and ladies often complain of feeling a kind of sting all over the face, also peeling and redness is frequently observed. Most Kojic soap review will tell you effects and results but does not really recommend specific brands that work. Here, our Kojic soap review will enumerate what brands of Kojic soaps appeal to most Filipinas and who knows, these might be the perfect brands for you too.

Beauty is most of the time connected to fair and even toned skin and most Filipinas desire this quality. In this aspect, Kojic soaps can be of great help for it lightens the skin and diminishes dark spots, here are two names that became a favorite to hundreds of ladies nationwide:

Kojic Soap Review – Brands to consider:


1. Funky Mommy Kojic Soap review

Our Kojic soap review on Funky Mommy is based on testimonies from a few of our lady coworkers who currently use this brand. Ten of them confess that they are experiencing wondrous results. For one, her pimple scars which I personally noticed has been on her cheek ever since we met was now gone! Well, it wasn’t really gone, she pointed out that it has gradually lightened and from a distance of 2 feet, you could hardly tell a skin blemish had been there.

Aditional kojic soap review:         good for sensitive skin

Peeling only lasts for a week (if it lasts longer, observe for signs and discontinue if pain results)

Lightens the skin in as less as a week, ideal for dark spots and hyper pigmented skin

Skin glows and appears youthful even at first use


2. Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Soap review


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There are numerous kojic soap review about Diana Stalder and all of them are just positive. This brand works really well and it’s not a wonder that it is a top seller at Amazon. One must order in bunches for we heard it quickly runs out of stock. This soap really deserves praise for clear, fair and youthful skin is truly achieved.

Additional kojic soap review:      great for lightening sun darkened skin

Peeling is a normal effect for it will reveal new skin, peeling lasts to 2 weeks

At first, you’ll notice your skin kind of darkens but do not be alarmed, it’s normal and after a few days, new and fresh skin is revealed

Stings to the face are felt at the onset but gradually diminishes. A great product, this soap peels off old skin and along with it pimple scars and discolorations

Not good for very sensitive skin


Kojic soap review on direction of use:

 As a smart and a more practical kojic soap review on direction of use, we recommend you wet skin and gently massage the soap, DO NOT RUB and avoid getting it into eyes, the nose or mouth. Let the lather stand for 10 seconds then rinse thoroughly for soap residue causes itching and redness.

For 1st time users, lather the soap onto hands and then apply lather on the face and then rinse with water.

While writing this kojic soap review, I was tempted to research more about other names that could have garnered such great commendations from users but there seems to be very few that can match the brands mentioned above. Those two had amazingly captured the liking of Filipinas and it was rare that there had been no negative feedback so far. As a general precaution, these soaps should not be left on skin for too long for kojic acid can be harmful.

Writing this kojic soap review, we found out that Funky Mommy and Diana Stalder were the top two brands that allowed skin to shed off the top layers and along with it whatever discoloration. They too are created with natural ingredients and that they last longer than most brands. Feel free to use these soaps and let us hear your own kojic soap review.