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Silver is the primary brand of soy sauce in the Philippines. They remained in the top spot until the rise of the (makers of the Datu Puti vinegar) Datu Puti Soy sauce with which they bounced back by giving  their own rendition of the cane vinegar too.


Silver swan soy sauce signature flavor comes with the salty effect with tinge sweetness with an enticing aroma. This is a favorite among Filipinos, a preferred choice for Filipino comfort food especially the adobo.


Silver swan Philippines Manufacturer

The Silver Swan Soy Sauce is manufacture locally in the Philippines by the Silver Swan Manufacturing Company in Malabon, Manila. This is a small operating company specializing in 3 main products, the Silver swan vinegar, Silver Swan Soy sauce and Silver swan Patis (Fish sauce).


Silver Swan Philippines’ products for vinegar and Patis are constantly improving and gaining popularity. Silver Swan is endorsed by Athletes and TV and movie actors in the Philippines to be more competitive in the Market. Silver Swan Soy sauce for example is endorsed by the Philippine Football Team (Competitor Datu Puti is endorsed by Manny Pacquiao).


Silver Swan Products

Silver Swan Soy Sauce

Silver Swan Soy sauce review: salty, sweet and flavorful (somewhat gives the Monosodium Glutamate appeal) making it a favorite for the Filipinos.

Silver Swan Soy sauce Ingredients: Soybean Extract, Wheat, Salt (Iodized), Caramel Color, < 0.1% Potassium Sorbate as Preservative and Water.

Silver Swan Soy sauce nutritional facts: Serving Size 15 ml, Amount per Serving: Calories 10; % Daily Value:  Total Fat 0 grms, 0 Sodium 1020 mg: 43%, Total Carbohydrate 1 gram Protein 1gram

Silver Swan Soy sauce use– You can use this for your dips and marinade while also a favorite in flavoring sautés whether fried or in any form.


Silver Swan Vinegar

Silver Swan Vinegar review: Cane vinegar that has a taste similar to the competitor Datu Puti. This is a very enticing dip for Fruits like green mango and guava, while also useful for dishes like kilawin, Paksiw and Adobo.

Silver swan vinegar ingredients: Natural Vinegar and Water

Silver swan vinegar nutritional facts : Calories from Fat 0 grams,  Total Fat 0 grams, Sodium 2 mg 0 Total Carbohydrate <1 gram, Protein 0 grams.

Silver Swan Vinegar uses – Additive for any dish or recipe that wants to have this unique flavor while also adding versatility.

Silver Swan Patis

Silver Swan Patis review: Used as seasoning like Soy sauce is. Silver Swan Patis, like the common fish sauce is very salty but offers a distinct set for flavors of Fish dishes – Brings out more flavor than plain salt does.

Silver swan Patis Ingredients: Salted Fish Extract, Water, Iodized Salt, and 0.1% Benzoic Acid.

Silver Swan Patis uses –can be used as a dip for most Filipino street food and for enhancing flavor.

Silver Swan Soy Sauce: Available on line


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