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Allow Nestea Iced Tea to help you relax and enjoy the moment, whether its time to calm down and chill on your own or party and celebrate with company, Nestea Iced Tea is an awesome way of refreshing and invigorating yourself. Tea just has a way of bringing peace at the same time heightened awareness to the mind and its many natural properties have been proven effective and safe by science. Tea culture has been a long time tradition all over the world, it is a ceremony, a party, a healing event, and a great way to get people together and just rest. Today, tea has many forms and variations and still remains a great drink enjoyed by all. Drink tea and let this Nestea Iced Tea review help you make recipes and make tea drinking a more fun experience.

Tea is a great drink but sometimes due to busy schedules one cannot afford to go to cafes or brew his own tea, thankfully there is Nestea Iced Tea, an instant tea that can be made simply by adding water to powdered tea. Conveniently bought in stores or ordered online, this instant tea tastes good whether served hot or cold. A few scoops are what you need added to water and you can create a great drink that is fresh, delicious and energizing.

What Makes Nestea Iced Tea a

Great Drink???


A Nestea Iced Tea Review



Nestea owing its name to the combination of its founder’s name Nestlé and the word tea, is one of the world’s largest and oldest instant tea producers. Using state of the art technology, tea leaves are processed to produce soluble powder that when mixed with water creates a revitalizing tea drink.

Nestea Iced Tea tastes terrific. One sip of it and its natural tea taste will be unmistakable. Unlike other powdered tea brands whose tea taste gets lost during the manufacturing process, Nestea Iced Tea preserves the taste we all love and have gotten used to. There are also a lot of other Nestea Iced Tea reviews out there and all of them say it is the taste that separates Nestea from the rest, its genuine tea flavor is worth praising.

Nestea Iced Tea has many variations to choose from and every each one tastes genuinely tea like. With kinds that are fruit flavored, sweetened and unsweetened natural decaffeinated, Nestea Iced Tea is one that is first in choice. Try this instant tea and be one of many to love this product, be one of the many to give a positive Nestea Iced Tea review.




The Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened Tea

(Nestea Iced Tea) Product Description

A Nestea Iced Tea Review:Unsweetened Decaf



Enjoy the great taste of tea conveniently and without the caffeine with the Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened Tea. Processed from real tea leaves, this brand of powdered instant tea gives you the taste of a cool and refreshing tea beverage. This product is simply amazing, it is budget friendly so expect that stores run out of it most often. Some Nestea Iced Tea reviews attest to the fact that this type of Nestea is quite difficult to find, fortunately it is available here so with the ease of online shopping, you can enjoy the benefits of the Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened Tea.

Nestea Iced Tea review: caffeine content:

The Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened Tea (Nestea Iced Tea) contains less than 1mg of caffeine per 8 fl. oz. serving

This is an internationally accepted value of a good decaffeinated tea product.

Nestea Iced Tea review: Shelf Life:

The Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened Tea (Nestea Iced Tea) has a shelf life of twenty four months.

Two years of shelf life is actually good. Compared to other instant tea products, this one lasts way longer. Keep your Nestea bottles in cool dry places to maximize the mix’s shelf life.

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Nestea Iced Tea review: Hot and Cold drinks:

Ever wonder if Nestea’s powdered instant tea can be used with hot water? Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened Tea does great as a hot drink. Try mixing two tablespoons of Nestea in a cup of water, you may also have the option of adding honey and lemon if it suits your taste. Sipping this drink is quite relaxing actually, substitute it for coffee or chocolate at night to avoid caffeine. Do note however that it will be more enjoyable to finish your cup of hot tea within fifteen minutes for maximum flavor enjoyment.

Want to improve your iced tea’s flavor? Try these twists and recipes:

  • Nestea Iced Tea with Mint:

Combine and steep a cup of water and one fourth cups of clean and fresh mint leaves for five minutes. Filter the mint leaves then add two tablespoons of Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened. Mix and serve in a glass with ice. Delicious and minty!

  • Nestea Iced Tea with fruity strawberry flavor

In a pitcher, combine two and a half cups of hot water, one fourth cup strawberry preserves and five tablespoons of Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened. If you want it a bit sweeter, add sugar or lemon according to your taste. Put the pitcher inside the refrigerator for two hour to chill. Serve with a lemon slice, enjoy.

  • Nestea Iced Tea with orange twist

Using a glass pitcher, combine half a cup of Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened, two cups of chilled orange juice, two cups chilled club soda, one third cup granulated sugar and half a cup Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened, mix well and serve in glasses with ice. You can garnish it with orange slices. This is a cool drink to relax to.

Nestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened Tea (Nestea Iced Tea) Nutrition Facts

Serving Size                             2 tsp (0.7 g)

Amount per Serving

Calories 0                                Calories from Fat 0

                                                % Daily Value*

Total Fat 0.0g                          0%

Sodium 0mg                            0%

Total Carbohydrates 0.0g       0%

Protein 0.0g

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Energy                                     0 kcal

Protein                                                0 g

Total lipid (fat)                                    0 g

Carbohydrate, by difference  0 g

Sugars, total                            0g

Sodium, Na                              0 mg

Nestea is a brand name of tea drinks distributed by Nestle, a successful company that manufactures and distributes quality food products. It tied up with Coca Cola in its aim of making Nestea popular globally. Tea beverages have been proven to have significant positive effects to health. It aids in the normal functioning of the digestive system as it helps maintain balance in digestive flora and protects intestinal membranes from oxidative damage. Fluorine in tea prevents dental caries and most especially, its inherent properties reduce blood glucose activity thus normalizing blood pressure, depress lipid activity and prevent heart related diseases. Drink to health today, drink Nestea Iced Tea and other Nestea products.

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