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O vinegar
O vinegar

With today’s growing fad of eating light but nutritious meals to keep a healthy figure, salads are the most preferred diet by countless people. Fresh, crunchy greens with fruits are healthy alternatives to trim the waist line and you still get the nourishment you need.  It’s really easy to throw in scrumptious veggies and fruits. It is the dressing however that challenges.

So what is the perfect dressing? Well, that is kind of tough to answer. If you are really aiming to trim down on weight, liquid dressings which are composed of healthy oils and vinegar are the best. Thick sauces and dressings which are tastier generally contain ingredients that still make you fat. If you are not so conscious about your weight and just enjoy salads as they are, then the thick creamy dressings are deliciously perfect.

If you have the simpler liquid dressing in mind, then you might want to consider the O Olive Oil Cabernet Wine Vinegar as an ingredient. Mostly just referred to as O Vinegar, this excellent product serves as the perfect companion to olive oil, canola oil and soybean oil. These oils are regarded as the more healthy ones. O Vinegar has a zesty flavor. It blends in real well with the flavors of the salad dressing ingredients and puts life into your greens and fruits.

So why should you try the O Vinegar?

O vinegar / O Olive Oil – Cabernet Wine Vinegar Product Review

The O vinegar is an excellent flavoring ingredient. This is one of the most praised wine vinegars internationally. It has a delicate hint of sweetness and a mellow combination of all other flavors added to the wine-ish flavor that will stimulates the taste buds and the senses in general. When added to oil as a dressing or vinaigrettes as sometimes termed, vegetables turn from dull flavored to tasty and exciting.

Add a taste and feeling of class to home made salads. The O Cabernet Wine Vinegar is used in many five star restaurants as an ingredient to so many cuisines. Impress your date, family and friends with flavorful salads and fruits splashed with the O Vinegar.

            If you are planning to create your own vegetable salad and dressing, it will be very important to know that the safest proportion of vinegar to oil is three is to one. That is three parts of oil for every one part of vinegar. Do not ever interchange that. Having more parts of vinegar will wrinkle your mouth and contort your face due to a strange taste and you would probably want to spit out the food immediately.

The O vinegar is attractive. It comes in a long necked slender bottle that is dark in color. The packaging is really eye catching and its content superb. At first glance, one would mistake it for an expensive brand of wine, but none the less, it is as special. The O Vinegar is a favorite among chefs. They consider this product as an essential ingredient in cooking and food preparation. You will sense that the O vinegar has culture and class to it. This is not because of its fancy packaging but because of its qualities.

What can you do with O Vinegar / O Cabernet Wine Vinegar?

O Vinegar adds zing to fruits: Use O Cabernet Wine Vinegar in salads. As an ingredient to vinaigrette, it is perfect. O Cabernet Wine Vinegar can stand alone and can add zing to fruits. Splash it on fruits like peeled apples, cut in wedges, Berries taste good with it too.

                        Flavor tossed field vegetables by drizzling O Olive – Oil Cabernet Wine Vinegar onto fresh tomatoes, sliced avocados and sliced red onions. Sprinkle some fresh ground black pepper, it is simple but delicious.

O Vinegar adds flavor to barbecue:   Do you love vegetable kabobs and grill? Many people seem to like O Cabernet Wine Vinegar brushed over them. Mix it with black pepper, fresh chopped sage, a small amount of soy sauce.

Use O Olive – Oil Cabernet Wine Vinegar as a marinade:

This wine vinegar accentuates the flavor of meats. In your preparation, mix soy sauce, honey, some garlic and a small amount of O Olive – Oil Cabernet Wine Vinegar . Leave for a time then cook. Please note however that wine vinegar should not substitute wine when cooking in large amounts, all wine vinegars are acidic.

O Vinegar adds flavor to sauces:

O Olive – Oil Cabernet Wine Vinegar is also great in enhancing flavors in sauces. “Agliata,” an Italian garlic sauce invented way back to the Middle Ages, is made from three fourths cup of Cabernet Wine Vinegar, six cloves of garlic, an ounce of bread. Toss all ingredients into a food processor and grind them together. When the sauce is all done, pour over pasta, meat, or fish. It is delicious.

O Olive – Oil Cabernet Wine Vinegar Ingredients

Aged carbernet vinegar, bing cherries, 6% acidity. Contains sulfites.

O Olive – Oil Cabernet Wine Vinegar is made by ageing wine in oak barrels. Made in California, this cabernet wine vinegar is of excellent quality. Its content and packaging will make you feel you are buying wine vinegar that has identity, art and culture. Delicious Cabernet sauvignon grapes grown in Napa are crushed to make this ripe vinegar. The warm climate supports the growth of these fruits. Characterized by a deep color and rich flavor, the O cabernet vinegar is a favorite of chefs in the United States.

O Olive – Oil Cabernet Wine Vinegar is available in    6.8 ounce bottles

O Vinegar / O Olive Oil – Cabernet Wine Vinegar Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 serving                         1 tablespoon

Amount per Serving

Calories                       9

Calories from Fat        0                      % Daily Value*

Total Fat 0.0 grams                             0%

Saturated Fat 0.0 grams                     0%

Trans Fat 0.0 grams

Cholesterol 0 milligrams                    0%

Sodium 0 milligrams                                       0%

Total Carbohydrates 2.0 grams          1%

Sugars 2.0 grams

Protein 0.0 grams

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

The O Olive Oil – Cabernet Wine Vinegar is greatly becoming a favorite in the United States, It is sold in stores but they quickly run out. This fine product can be ordered online in reasonable prices.

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