Silver Swan Sugar Cane Vinegar Review

Silver Swan Sugar Vinegar 33 81fl oz Review

Online sari sari store gives Silver Swan Sugar Cane Vinegar an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10, with a price range of $9.99. This is a product of the Philippines made by one of its more recognizable brands locally, the Silver Swan. This is a fresh flavor, Authentic product made from Sugar cane. This is a product made more commonly from the Northern parts of the Philippines. This is essential if you want to have a vinegar that has a subtle sweet flavor. 

Manufacturers Product Description

Cane vinegar, made from sugar cane juice, is most popular in the Philipines, in particular, the Ilocos Region of the northern Philippines (where it is called sukang iloko), although it also is produced in France and the United States.

  • Made from sugar cane juice
  • Pantry essential

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A closer look at the Silver Swan Sugar Cane Vinegar, 33.81fl.oz

These are nice vinegar from the Philippines. If you are looking for new vinegar flavors to incorporate in your cooking, then this is it. The fresh flavor is kind of sweet as it is made from Sugar cane.

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